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About Us

About Noble Waste Management

London’s friendly and professional junk clearance company, where we provide a ‘Noble’ service and a ‘NO-BULL’ service at the same time. At Noble waste management we provide a long list of services covering the commercial, domestic and construction industries. Our teams go the ‘extra mile’ and provide our customers with an excellent service.


Our values make us who we are

  • Commitment – To all our customers and all tasks we undertake
  • Dedication – Continuous improvement in ourselves and all we do
  • Integrity – Our word is our bond
  • Quality – We take pride is everything we do
  • Honesty and Respect – ‘Speak the truth as a way of life’ and have respect for everyone and everything

Mission Statement:

To provide London with a professional and friendly waste management company where the focus is on customer service and the environment.

Recycling is more important now than ever with an increased amount of waste piling up in the UK’s landfills, our mission is to reduce that number by focusing on recycling, re-use and recovery, all whilst providing London with excellent customer service.

We are carbon neutral

Noble Waste is in continuous partnership with Woodland carbon via The Woodland Trust by investing in UK tree planting and supporting local community projects.

We all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions but not many of us neutralise our impact on the environment. We at Noble Waste Management do everything in our power to balance out our carbon footprint. This is achieved by planting trees right here in the UK, each tree can and will absorb tonnes of CO2 within its lifetime so the more trees we grow the less carbon we contribute.

We have calculated our carbon footprint to be 6.7t of CO2 per year (the average for a small to medium size organisation is around 11t of CO2 per year), we balance this out with carbon offsetting.